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Flora, Fauna, and FOrms


The Angels Twin 2015 by Delphine Diallo

The Angels Twin 2015 by Delphine Diallo

March 22– May 21, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 21, 6 – 9 pm  



Curators Nicole Ianniello and D.K. Johnston are pleased to presentFlora, Fauna, and Forms by Delphine Diallo an installation within the Quin Hotel lobby of artist Delphine Diallo’s collage and photography. 


Flora, Fauna, and Forms by Delphine Diallo transforms the Quin lobby into a space of contemplation incorporating several of the artist’s recent works of female portraiture, mixed media collage, landscape and still life photo. Viewers will discover in concentrate, works that expand popular perception beyond Diallo’s renown female portraiture; introducing a vernacular of pastoral landscape and composite works of flora and fauna from Thailand, Montana and Mongolia.  Additionally, still life images of Malian photographer Malick Sidibe’s field worn medium format twin lens reflex cameras provoke an expansive commentary adjoining her work to the larger arc of contemporary African photographic dialogue.  Collage literally and metaphorically enwraps select works simultaneously augmenting the medium while serving to bring forth newfound context and meaning through iterative juxtaposition. The grouping acts as a focused continuation of Diallo’s ongoing investigations into the anthropological, mythological, philosophical and spiritual where narrative potential of her images are highlighted amidst the subject’s costume, surround or ornamentation.  Through her work, subjects are connected across distances, ages and cultures, envisaging a unified power. 


Accompanying the exhibition is a video of the artist’s collage process by filmmaker Marissa Kaiser.  Flora, Fauna, and Forms by Delphine Diallo balances beautiful images of nature and wildlife with emotionally charged unique women.  




Delphine Diallo is a Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese visual artist and photographer. 


She graduated from the Académie Charpentier School of Visual Art in Paris in 1999 before working in the music industry for seven years as a special effect motion artist, video editor and graphic designer. In 2008, she moved to New York to explore her own practice after giving up a corporate Art Director role in Paris. Acclaimed photographer and artist Peter Beard who was impressed by her creativity and spontaneity, which lead to their collaboration for the 2009 Pirelli calendar photo shoot in Botswana, mentored Diallo. Inspired by new environments on this trip, she decided to return to her father's home city of Saint-Louis in Senegal to start her own vision quest.



Quin Hotel

101 West 57thStreet 

New York, NY 10019.

Tanya Chelsea Hotel 2012 by Delphine Diallo

Tanya Chelsea Hotel 2012 by Delphine Diallo

Melinda & the Mirror 2012 by Delphine Diallo

Melinda & the Mirror 2012 by Delphine Diallo